Finding Gay Wedding Gifts Should Be a Piece of Cake

But unfortunately it isn’t always so. Aside from the fact that you’re a little unsure what to give the happy couple, most gifts sites seem to be angled towards the more ‘traditional’ style of marriage. The good news is that same sex marriages are on the increase, and gift sites seem to be coming around to the whole idea. But there is still a big need for ideas and suggestions. Which is why we felt the need to start a
website of our own.

gay wedding giftsAimed at same sex couples, who are looking at planning their big day, as well as friends and family members who are seeking some kind of guidance. And don’t panic, because a gay or lesbian marriage is really no different. Love is love, whatever language you’re speaking. In fact we’ll try and drop the gay part, and simple call it a marriage, of two people who love each other. A marriage is a marriage after all, whoever’s playing the leading roles.

What Do You Say to Your Guests When They Ask about Gay Wedding Gifts?

It can be a bit daunting, the whole idea of wedding gifts. Do you want your guests to give them, or would you prefer a few dollars instead? There are countless gifts available, especially when you look at dedicated gift sites like this one, or you can ask they make a contribution to the honeymoon. So where’s the best place to start? With a gift list, is probably the best answer. As many of your guests will be feeling a little confused about what kind of thing to get you. So put them out of their misery and give them some useful ideas. Here are our tips on organising your own wedding gift list.

To Have One or Not?

It might surprise you to know that more than half of couples choose not to use a gift list for their wedding day. Which is actually quite surprising. Your guests are bound to want to give you a wedding gift, so what’s wrong with pointing them in the right direction. It’s also a tradition, if you live in the UK, so surely it would be considered rude not to.

What Are the Options?

Considering the options is all part and parcel of the planning process. You can opt for a traditional gift list in which the gifts all come from one store. Or how about donations to your honeymoon fund, or a favorite charity? There are even gift list services that combine all three. Couples often say, “well we’ve been living together for years already, and have everything we need. So what’s the point of asking for anything?” This is just a lame excuse for not making the effort, and bearing in mind the need for wedding guests to give the happy couple presents, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Don’t Leave It Too Late

As soon as you send out the invites, planning needs to get under way for compiling a gift list. Spend some time doing the research, and once you’ve compiled it stick to it. And only have one! Make sure your guests have enough information to make the right decision, and your wedding gifts won’t be destined to sit in a cupboard, or form part of an online auction for unwanted gifts.

Gay Wedding Gifts Should Be Special

Oops, we used that word again. We’ll take a rap on the knuckles for that one, because all wedding gifts should be special. And they should also stand the test of time, staying with you long into the future, and even getting passed on as family heirlooms. Take your time and pick the right wedding gift now, and twenty, thirty or even forty years from now, the gift will still have a place in your home. One such gift that we’ve encountered is a natural rose that’s been dipped in either gold, silver or platinum. Judging by the customer feedback received by Eternity Rose, these gifts have gone on to be precious heirlooms.

Think about Capturing Those Special Moments

wedding giftsAre you planning to have photographs taken of your special day? Have you thought about where you’re going to keep them? Your wedding photos are going to be very special to you, so you need to think of a few gifts that will keep them safe and protected in the future. Personalized albums would be a great addition to your gift list.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Choice

Try and cater to the different styles and tastes of the guests. Some may prefer to give you a gift that is traditional, while others may prefer something a little more up to date. Some will also be more than happy to give a cash contribution to the cost of your honeymoon. You should also ensure there are gifts in the list to suit all budgets. You know the people being invited better than anyone, so should have a good idea of what they can afford. The average amount spent on wedding gifts is around $60. Include gifts at the top and bottom end of the budget, and maybe you could include gift vouchers as a more flexible option.

Your Gift List Should Be Personal

You and your style, and that means both of you, should be reflected in your gift list. When the guests check down the list they should smile and think to themselves “that’s perfect”. Don’t feel restricted when compiling your list. It’s about your needs and wants, not tradition. Remember to include some gifts that you can treasure forever.
Don’t forget to include a few words of thanks at the end of the list. Thank them for taking the time to look at the list, and remind them about leaving a message when they’ve chosen.

Remember to Say Thank You

wedding giftsWhen your big day is over, it’s time to organise thank you letters for all those guests that gave you gifts. This can be a little difficult if you’re not organised when the gifts are unwrapped. Keeping the cards with the gift that’s been given is one way round the problem, but there are also gift list services that will keep track of which guest gave each gift.

Top Wedding Gifts for Same Sex Couples

You’re expecting to receive your invite any day now, after all your friends have been talking about their impending nuptials for weeks now. You’re hoping that a gift list will also be forthcoming, as you’re a bit stuck on what to give. If you find yourself without a list to refer to, because not all couples choose to use one, let’s help with a few suggestions.

Dance classes – do one or even both of them have two left feet? Give them this gift a few months before the actual ceremony, and they’ll be tripping the light fantastic when they hit the dance floor for that all important first dance.

The gift of an experience – or an annual subscription to a date-planning service. That way they’ll have something to look forward to when the furor of their wedding has faded. Pick something you know they’ll love doing, or an experience you know they’ve both been dying to try.

All the kit needed for repair jobs – if you’re mates are just starting out together, it’s not going to be long before there’s a list of repair jobs waiting to be done. Give them the tools of the trade to get their DIY endeavours well under way. And help save on the expense of calling in the professionals. It’s also very likely that a spot of decorating will be the order of the day. How about the gift of some paintbrushes, painting tray and some rollers?

Some lessons in the kitchen – there are all sorts of people that would benefit from a little inspiration in the kitchen, and a brush up on some of the required skills. And cooking is one regular activity that a couple should enjoy doing together. Lessons can be given in the home, or there might be a local organization they can sign up to.

The services of a maid for the day – hands up who loves housework? Didn’t see many hands raised there. So organise the hiring of a maid for the day, as a special treat. Or book a spring cleaning service to save them from the burden of this bi-annual chore.

gift that last forever

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Same sex marriages are still a bit new, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of traditions that are already in use. Something old, something new etc. is an old English rhyme that is still traditionally used today. And an increasing number of gay and lesbian couples are choosing to follow the trend. The rhyme goes:
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”

But what does that mean?

Something old – this refers to the continuity of a marriage, and
indeed life itself.
Something new – optimism for the future and things to come.
Something borrowed – this represents the borrowing of happiness from your significant other half.
Something blue – this represents the values of loyalty, fidelity, love, trust and happiness.
A sixpence in your shoe – pretty self explanatory really. It refers to good wishes for the future and the promise of wealth.

It is usual for the items to be given to the couple by close family and friends. But there’s nothing wrong with choosing them to be giving by you, for you, or for your partner.

9 Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Gay Wedding Gifts

When it comes to giving wedding gifts the needs are basically the same, whether the gifts are for a Mr and Mr, Mrs and Mrs or Mr and Mrs. But when it comes to giving gay wedding gifts, we think the occasion deserves a little more thought. Without further ado, let’s give you some wedding gift tips.
vase and rose for him

  • Bear in mind the couple may have been living together for a number of years. Because of this there will be little need for the basic household items. They may however, feel the need to update some of the things they’ve got, or receive gifts that will add decoration to their home. Such as matching candlesticks.
  • Think whether the couple would prefer a gift that celebrates their relationship and contributes to their gay pride.
  • If the rainbow couple have decided to forego the planning stage, because they want to celebrate their union with an official ceremony, why not give the gift of your time? A little help with the organisation, or maybe you’ve a skill that will come in useful on their special day? Offer to take the wedding snaps or shoot the video, or how about offering your culinary skills to help with the reception food?
  • Don’t just think practical, consider gifts of a more sensual nature as well. Silk sheets, matching silk pyjamas, spa packages, or a foot massage, are just a few quick ideas.
  • Give them a gift that has significance. It could be a gift card or voucher, to be spent in the place they first met.
  • Make them a scrapbook. Handmade gifts will always be appreciated, and none more so than one that is full of their own personal memories.
  • Your gift should relate to the pride they feel in their relationship. His/his or her/her towels, monogrammed pillowcases, jewelry of interlocking symbols, or matching cufflinks, are just a few examples.
  • The gift could relate to their special interest. For example they might love the theatre, live music, sporting events or the arts. So get them a couple of tickets to an upcoming event.
  • Make it count. Donate to a favorite charity of theirs, select a gift list item which donates a percentage of the cost back to charity, plant a tree in their honor, or give them the gift of a living plant for their garden.

When it comes to gay wedding gifts, give the soon to be wed couple a gift that lets them know how proud you are, how happy you are for them, and that you’re pleased to support them in whatever way you can.