Wedding Gifts for the Happy Brides

When it comes to people you care about, finding the perfect gift for the happy couple should be no different. Whether they happen to be both men or women. or a combination of the two. The same things apply for wedding gifts regardless of their individual sexuality. So what should you be thinking about if you’re invited to a same-sex wedding? What are the sort of gifts that you should be seeking out when you’re faced with the task of pleasing two brides? You want the gifts to be perfect for those setting up home together, and you may also need to find gifts for the brides that are long term partners already. What do you get for the lovely ladies who seem to be properly set up in life, and have been for quite some time? These sorts of questions are going to pop up a lot more frequently, now that the US Supreme Court has deemed same-sex marriages a constitutional right.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Gifts for the Gorgeous Brides

two heartsWhen it comes to buying gifts for two lovely ladies what’s all the fuss about? The sad fact is that there are still people who are uncomfortable with the whole idea of same-sex marriages, and feel that finding a gift is somehow going to be really difficult. On the contrary. It’s no different and could be considered even easier. Don’t they say that men are from Mars and women from Venus. Well there you go, two people who come from the same planet. So how hard will it be to find the perfect gift? Just incase you’re still in a bit of a dither, there follows a few gift searching tips.

The whole idea of gift giving on such a special day is actually quite traditional. Not so very long ago, a couple would be getting married after living with their parents, in which case they would be setting up home from scratch. Leading to the need for items that included furniture, kitchen equipment, homeware, bedding and other necessities. Bring this right up to modern day, and things have changed slightly. Many soon to be married couples have already set up home together, and for some it is the second or third time around. They’ve already got all the plates and cutlery needed, hence the whole idea of gift lists came about. The couple draws up a list, which means that guests can choose the most appropriate wedding presents. Saving their time, money and a heap of unwanted gifts.

If the ladies in question have gone to the trouble of drawing up a gift list, then your worries are over. But if on the other hand, you haven’t got a clue, bear the following questions and answers in mind when choosing wedding gifts for the brides.

giftsWill cash be better than a gift?
There’s nothing wrong with giving cash, rather than a gift, infact some couples may actually prefer it. Getting married can sometimes be rather expensive, so any help with the expense is sure to be well received. Some couples on the other hand, might find the gift of cash a little uncaring and lacking in imagination. They may feel that you couldn’t be bothered with choosing the right kind of gift. So think about the feelings of the couple before deciding.

Is there a limit on how much you should spend?
There are no hard and fast rules as to the amount you should spend on wedding gifts for the brides. Let your budget, and the relationship you share with them both, be the deciding factor.

What sort of gift should you be looking for?
Something that will be memorable, useful, practical or down right fun. You also shouldn’t feel restricted to buying a gift they can hold in their hand. Why not give them the gift of a new experience? Balloon rides, parachute jumps, tours of a vineyard, tea at the Ritz, or tickets to a big sporting event, theatre, or music concert work just as well.

Is it a good idea to share the expense?
Not all of the best wedding gifts will be in your price range, so you might want to consider chipping in with a few of their other friends or family members. Some ladies will include a few more expensive items on their gift list for this specific purpose. As long as you’re sure it’s the most perfect gift, there’s nothing wrong with a few of you clubbing together.

Should you give the brides the receipt for the gift?
This is always a good idea, as it will be much better if they can return and exchange the gift, rather than have it sat at the back of a cupboard.

And here are a few more inspiring ideas to help you on your way:

  • Le Creuset cookware, because let’s face it you can never have enough pots and pans
  • Wellie boots – matching of course for those long romantic walks in the country
  • Nintendo Wii console and games
  • Digital photo frame
  • Make a charitable donation in the brides’ names
  • Gift vouchers
  • Contributions towards the honeymoon
  • Champagne flutes
  • Personalized mugs with humorous detailing
  • Coffee maker
  • Wine cooler
  • Mrs and Mrs doormat
  • Personalized photo album

pink earringsHopefully that’s given you a few ideas, and also served to highlight the point that buying gifts for your gay friends is no different than buying for straight couples. Every gift you give should be relevant to their interests, and in keeping with their preferences. The only difference is that personalization should be Mrs and Mrs.

There are so many gift ideas out there, wherever you decide to do your shopping. It really won’t be a big deal trying to find the best wedding gifts. Shops at the Mall are catching up with this modern celebration of a relationship, and online stores have been providing wedding gifts for brides for years. Trust in the knowledge and understanding you have of the happy couple and you won’t put a foot wrong.