Finding the Perfect Wedding Gifts for the Grooms

Finally, the day has arrived, but you’re pretty sure it’s not etiquette to turn up empty handed. Just because it’s two men getting married, doesn’t mean things are any different. The groom, or maybe it’s better to say grooms, will be expecting a wedding day gift. Better not disappoint them then. But what to buy the grooms for a wedding gift? Quite a conundrum.

gay wedding giftsGay weddings are catching on fast, but the mall is still in the early stages, and struggling to keep up with demand. Don’t fret yourself though. The internet is far ahead of the bricks and mortar establishments, so there’s plenty to choose. And we’re here to help too, with some great gift ideas for grooms, as well as brides. Giving wedding gifts to the grooms, shows you’re behind them 100%, and wish them all the best for the future.

Top Gift Ideas for the Happy Grooms

Still thinking that a check is the right answer? Nothing wrong with that. Stick to your guns. But you might want to consider placing the gift in a card that symbolizes the happy union. A high street store might not have what you’re looking for, but there are plenty of choices online.

Personalized gifts. Find a customized gift that has the couple’s newly shared last name, and this will be a very thoughtful, yet simple way to show your support. Why not get them some personalized stationery? Or how about customized coat hangers, with their new last name? Bet the grooms are going to be toasting the future, so give them a set of matching champagne flutes. Personalized with their names, this will be a gift they can use on numerous occasions. And as they will be setting up home together, perhaps you should choose some customized artwork.

Give them the gift of a relaxing spa day. After all the stress of the wedding day, this will be a perfect way for them both to relax and unwind. While they’ve probably enjoyed a relaxing time on their honeymoon, getting back into the daily routine can sometimes be a shock to the system and a spa package will help them get back on track.

Make a donation. If the couple has a charity they hold dear to their hearts, make a donation in their name.

Frame the marriage certificate. Rather than leaving it to gather dust in a filing cabinet, frame the certificate, and it’ll always be on show.

Romantic getaway. If the couple haven’t planned a honeymoon, this will give them the chance for a bit of alone time. Even though they’ve just experienced a romantic wedding day, it had to be shared with all the guests.

His and his products. The usual gift site offerings tend to be aimed at his and hers. But there are options available that are far more appropriate, including pillowcases, towels, bathrobes, mugs, and calendars.

Gift cards if you’re not sure. Gift cards are great wedding gifts if you’re not sure what to buy. But don’t choose a run of the mill store. Instead, find a gift card that hold a special meaning. For example a card to spend in the place that they met, or maybe a movie pass if this is where they had their first date.

Make Your Wedding Gifts for the Grooms Tasteful, Personal, and Something They’ll Enjoy

Pretty much like any other kind of wedding gift really. There are, however, lots of kitschy gifts you’ll have to sort through before you find the perfect gift for these two special guys. So why don’t we run through a few options?
same sex wedding gifts

  • A personalized map print – featuring two figures cut out in the shape of a groom, each containing a map of their hometown.
  • Personalised honeymoon slippers – so they can head off for their honeymoon, and not necessarily have to worry about leaving the hotel.
  • Tote bag – it can be used as a gift bag or somewhere to store their favorite wine.
  • Personalised ring dish – for all those bits and pieces, and a place to store their wedding rings while taking a bath.
  • Personalised spoons – hand stamped with Mr and Mr, so you’ll always be reminded of your special day.
  • Cake topper – whether you’re holding your reception in the backyard, or the events room in a swanky hotel, give them a gift that will top off their cake perfectly. It could be two grooms, tastefully dressed in their tuxedos or a golden Mr and Mr.
  • Personalized art print – art is a stylish gift to give to the guys. It can include details of their marriage and a sentimental message.

More Ideas for Wedding Gifts for Grooms

Keep it simple and Small
platinum roseThese are the most popular gifts to give, whatever the sexual orientation of the couple in question. Some of the most basic gifts can be made special, with a touch of personalization. Towels, for example, could be monogrammed with initials or simple ‘his’ and ‘his’.
Books, movies or CDs
These are becoming very popular as wedding gifts, provided you know their taste of course. If you’re a little unsure of their favorite genre, you can always give them a gift card.
Gifts that are a celebration of their Union
Cake toppers, paper lanterns, party poppers in all shapes and sizes. But make sure the items celebrate their special union, as you want the gift to show your support.
The gift of a Vacation
Traditionally this would be a gift given by the parents, but if a few of you fancy clubbing together, why not a vacation as a gift. Why not send them away to a city like San Francisco? Or an island destination where they can both relax.
Cash and a Card
Buying gifts for a couple of grooms is no more challenging than buying a gift for any other special couple, and if they’ve been living together for a time, it makes it doubly hard. One way round it is to give a gift card, so they choose their wedding gift themselves. Cash also comes in handy as a wedding gift, because we all know how expensive planning a wedding can be.