What Makes for Special Wedding Gifts?

Gift giving is a special part of many different celebrations, and for a gay wedding it’s no different than any other kind of wedding. The giving of gifts shows a mark of respect and an element of emotion and feeling. However, sometimes there will be so many gifts that you want to do something that makes yours stand out from the crowd. How can you make your gay wedding gifts special? A great place to start is to give them something that is personalized.

gay wedding ideasYou might be thinking that this will make your wedding gift horrendously expensive but you couldn’t be more wrong. Some personalised items are really quite reasonably priced. Some of the simplest wedding gifts can be the most special. For example matching key chains and bags. Often a big part of making a gift special comes with the presentation. One of the easiest ways to personalize a gift is by adding a monogram, initials or engraving the couples names.

Gift giving is a beautiful thing

A great way to improve the gift giving experience for everyone is by making a gift personal to the recipient. While the gift you’ve chosen may be a popular gift item, it can be lifted out of the realms of common in something far more special. When talking about personalizing an item we don’t just mean adding an engraving or printing the couples names. Making a gift personal means that you’ve thought long and hard about the available choices and picked a gift that will mean something. It could be related to a specific interest of the wedding couple, a favorite pastime or a gift that you know they’ve always wanted.

There are heaps of gifts to choose from, and the opportunities for a touch of personalization are almost endless. We were impressed with the vast array of items that can be made special for the couple in question, so we’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed too. Many of the options are aimed at a particular sector or event. There are birthday gifts, Valentine’s gifts, anniversary gifts and of course gay wedding gifts.

Take it one step further and give the happy couple a gift basket

There are plenty of gift sites that will create a gift basket for you, but why not have a go at making your own? After all, humans don’t really fall into a one gift fits all kind of ideal. Picking a gift hamper off the shelf will likely leave the recipients with one or two items that they really don’t need. It’s much better to choose the items yourself and find an attractive hamper or basket to present them in.

By making the gift basket yourself you can pick gifts that will suit the couples preferences and taste. Why not pick some of the following?
wedding anniversary gift ideas

  • Framed photographs
  • Favorite music
  • DVDs in a genre that the couple enjoy watching
  • Books
  • Seeds for the garden
  • Beauty products
  • Favorite edible items
  • Favorite alcoholic tipple and selection of beverages
  • Games

Choosing your special wedding gifts online is easy and convenient

There are lots of online gift sites as well as ours, where you can pick from a wide range of items without leaving the comfort of your armchair. Shopping for gay wedding gifts online is a great way of looking at a number of different gift types that are suitable for certain occasions, within a specified budget and designed with a certain kind of person or couple in mind. You can even compare prices quickly, in order to ensure you’ve got the best deal. Many sites offer regular deals and discounts, and some even provide free delivery.

Gay weddings gifts that require a spot of thinking out of the box

Cash may be a prefered gift for many couples nowadays, but somehow it seems a little uninspired. Giving your friends money seems so boring, and you wouldn’t be who you are if you weren’t looking for a challenge. If the newly weds have decided to go with the option of using a gift registry you’re still going to feel the need to find something more original. So here’s a quick round up of the kind of gifts that we consider to be special.

  • Mr and Mr, or Mrs and Mrs pillowcases
  • A personalized map – This takes the form of a framed poster that could have on it the place they first met, where they got engaged or the location of their nuptials.
  • A cast-iron skillet from which you can pour in six different
    – Some might consider this kind of gift the Porsche of pans.
  • Pop-up desk trays – This gift would be ideal for the couple just starting out, especially if space in their home is at a premium. They unsnap and store flat when not in use.
  • Party grill – The happy couple will be proud to have this gift on the table for their next dinner party. There’s enough space for six people to cook something at the same time.
  • Matching travel bags – Why not give the couple gifts that mean they can travel in style? Perfect to take on their honeymoon and sturdy enough to last many journeys.
  • Snack of the month club – Sign the couple up for a gift that is far from ordinary. You decide on the length of the subscription, but we bet that a monthly delivery of tasty and exotic snacks will soon have them signing up when their membership is due to expire.
  • Wine boxes for special occasions – Give the couple a selection of wines in their own presentation box. The details on the simple box design give suggestions on when the boxes should be opened. One can be for their first quiet night in, one for a first anniversary, and one for another special event.
  • Coffee lovers subscription – If the couple are great lovers of coffee why not buy them a six month subscription for a fresh batch of beans delivered to their doorstep every month. They may have a favorite coffee, but we bet they won’t mind trying out a few different ones either.

Before you hand over any cash, or give your card details at the checkout, think about the couple who are getting married if you want to be sure that your gift is going to be special. Only by bearing in mind their taste, style and preferences will you find a gift that stands out from the crowd.

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