There are Plenty of Options for Gay Wedding Gifts in the UK

Same sex marriages are taking their time in being socially and legally accepted in many countries across the world, but thankfully the UK isn’t one of them. While we’re not going to deny that the UK has taken its time, as from March 2014, same sex couples are allowed to be married.

uk flagMarriage in the UK is considered to be an important institution. It’s principles of long term commitment and responsibility underpin our society. In March 2014 the UK Government brought in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, making marriage of same sex couples legal in England and Wales. It was introduced because the Government felt that couples shouldn’t be prevented from marrying unless there was a good reason – wisely they decided that loving someone of the same sex wasn’t one of those reasons.

Opening up marriage to all couples shows that our society respects all couples, regardless of their sexuality, which makes it fairer and more inclusive for everyone living in the UK. It was also recognised that the Act would strengthen marriage in our modern society and ensure that it forms one of the most important building blocks for the modern age.

New gay wedding gift sites are popping up every day

Same sex marriages may be relatively new here in the UK, but that doesn’t mean your options are limited. Whether you’re planning your own wedding or been invited to the wedding of friends or relations there are a number of specialist gift sites offering some great gay wedding gift ideas, as well as many of the well established gift sites jumping on board.

If you think you’re going to have a problem finding the best wedding gift for a couple of friends or family you might be disappointed. However, you really shouldn’t be surprised because after all what is so different about two guys or girls getting married? Absolutely nothing essentially, however a little tweaking of the details can sometimes be necessary. That being said let’s look at some gay wedding gifts UK couples will be proud to receive. Bear in mind that many, if not all of our suggestions, work equally well for a straight couple too.

UK gay wedding gift ideas

gay wedding giftsTimes, fashion and lifestyles are constantly changing. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Not in the world of wedding gifts however. Historically wedding gifts have been seen as a way of helping the newly-weds set up home together. Gifts would include linens, cutlery, tableware, towels and appliances. Modern couples are now far more likely to be already living together, which means that this kind of gift has become a little redundant. There are however, plenty of couples for whom married life will be the first time they’ve ever lived with someone other than their parents.

Gift stores are able to cater to the needs of both types of married couples, and are now adding gifts for same sex couples to their extensive sites. There are however, many couples who would much prefer the gift of hard cash. so unless you’re certain of where they stand with regards their wedding gifts best you ask a few questions of the happy couple before you decide.

Let’s take a look at some of the gift options that are proving to be very popular for today’s modern couples.

Wedding gifts for the home

If you’re thinking of buying the happy couple something to make their dinner table a bit more special, or even dare we say well equipped, then check on the couples style and taste. They might have a favourite colour or particular brand that they would much prefer. A set of Egyptian cotton towels would make a welcome gift, but you’d better not be tempted to take the bargain basement route. Get an idea of their bathrooms colour scheme, as you wouldn’t want the towels to clash.

Honeymoon wedding gifts

Are the couple planning a couple of weeks away somewhere exotic? Perhaps they’d appreciate some foreign currency to take on their trip. Do you think they’ve got matching luggage to take on their journey? Perhaps they’d appreciate some matching monogrammed cases so they can travel in style. Treat them both to matching towels for those relaxing days lying on the beach.

Modern wedding gifts

Now here is where we’ll give you a few ideas on the more unusual wedding gifts you can give to the brides or the grooms.

  • A charitable gift – You could choose to donate some money or a gift to a charity whose cause the couple hold dear. A donation that will help to man the Samaritan phone lines for a day, one that will help disadvantaged children get some time away from home, or one that helps vulnerable children or the elderly. They may have their sights set on a charity whose cause is in another country. A wildlife charity or one that gives people the chance for a better life.
  • Experience or activity days – Choose from a ride in a Ferrari, hot air balloon ride, dinner at a top London hotel and many more to give the couple an experience that good memories are made of.
  • Cash – Money is always going to be a welcome gift but it’s difficult to know the right amount to give. It’s also not the easiest of gifts to ask for from your wedding guests.

Traditional wedding gifts

red pendantAll couples will appreciate a gift that will always remind them of their special day. Items such as tankards, glasses, photo frames and champagne flutes that can be engraved are always popular wedding gifts for both straight and gay couples.
One final suggestion that is always a good fall back is the tried and tested gift voucher. Perfect if you’re not 100% sure about what to buy, but have kind of an idea of what they’d like then this gift will be perfect.

Choosing the perfect wedding gift can be very difficult regardless of sexual orientation. The important thing to keep in mind when choosing your gift is the couple in question. Don’t be too proud to ask family, friends or even the couple themselves for a few ideas. After all what would you rather? A gift that is well received or one that ends up being auctioned off on eBay a few months down the line.