Spice Things up a Little with Unusual Gay Wedding Gifts for Brides and Grooms

So you’ve decided to stray from the path of traditional gifts for a couple of friends, but are finding things a little difficult. You’re pretty sure you want to give them something that’s unique and unusual, but haven’t really got a clue where to start. Whether the couple are both guys or girls won’t make a blind bit of difference, so don’t start thinking about changing your usual strategy for finding the perfect gifts.

We’re here to help with the wedding gift dilemma by sharing some helpful ideas that work equally well for both gay and straight soon to be wed couples.

Tips on finding the perfect wedding gifts whether you’re looking for unusual or bog-standard

unusual wedding gift ideasShould you be looking for anything different because you’ve been invited to a gay wedding for the first time ever? Basically the answer is absolutely not. The couple in question are two people who love each other so why should that be any different? There are always things to bear in mind that will improve your chances of finding the perfect wedding gifts so let’s look at a few of them.

Bear in mind their current living arrangements
If the happy couple have already been living together for a number of years, it’s highly unlikely that they’re in need of the usual wedding gift fodder. However, they might appreciate additions or replacements, for example their favorite china ware or crystal.

Offer up your time and expertise
Many of the upcoming gay weddings will have had little planning time, so one of the most perfect wedding gifts you can give to the brides or grooms is your time. As an added bonus this kind of gift easily fits into the category of unusual. Why not offer up your services as the wedding photographer, or make the wedding cake? How about making a contribution to the cost of the champagne or the wedding meal wine? You could help with or make the wedding day decorations or make up some wedding bouquets with flowers from your garden.

Don’t be afraid of the sensual gifts
Cater to the sensual side of their relationship by giving them silk sheets or pyjamas. What about matching slippers, a voucher for a couples massage, or a gift that celebrates gay pride.

It could be a gift of significance
See if you can find a gift that will be significant for their relationship. It could take the form of a gift package or coupon from the place they first met, or the place they became engaged.

gift that last forever

Create a scrapbook of memories
Find lots of photographs of the couple and present them in a scrapbook. Include messages from family and friends to make this gift even more special.

Gifts should celebrate their relationship
Take the challenge and select some same sex gifts that shows how proud you are of the fact that they’ve chosen to get married. This could be his/ his or hers/ hers monogrammed towels, pillows, sheets, slippers, bathrobes, engraved glasses or cufflinks engraved with their new initials.

Pair up your gifts to make them more special
Rather than just giving the newlyweds matching bathrobes, include in the pocket a voucher for a spa weekend. If you’ve decided to give them a kitchen appliance or utensils, pair the gift with a voucher for an online food store.

Consider their special interests
Do they like the theatre, live music, art exhibitions or their weekend round of golf? Why not give them tickets to a favourite production, upcoming live concert, exhibition by a famous modern artist or pay for a few rounds at a well known golf course? If they both love cooking why not purchase some over the top kitchen equipment or sign them up for a gourmet cooking course?

Why not make a donation?
An idea that is becoming more and more popular for couples who already have everything they need is to give a donation to charity. There are also certain gift registries that donate a certain percentage of the cost of the gifts to a charity of the couples choice. Another great option is a tree or shrub for the couples garden, or planting a marriage tree in their honor.

Help them with their house move
Offer to help out with one of the most unpopular parts of getting married, moving house. After rushing and stressing over the wedding the couple still need to think about their living arrangements when the honeymoon is over. Give them a helping hand while they’re away by moving everything for them.

Sign them up for a name changing service
If one of the partnership have decided to change their name, make the process far simpler and easier by singing them up with a name changing service. The company will take care of all the form-filling, collecting and filing forms for a small fee that could be as little as $50.

We’ve spent a bit of time looking at the kind of gifts your guests can bring to your wedding so how about we end up with some unusual wedding gifts you can give to each other.

Unusual wedding gifts the brides or grooms can share

gold cardsExperiences are a great way to celebrate your nuptials, and there are lots of opportunities to enjoy an experience together. Why not try Michelin star dining, a city break, romantic river cruise or a spot of star-gazing? There’s a perfect experience waiting for all tastes and budgets, so why not see if there’s one for you and your lover? On offer are:

  • Sea view villa retreat in Andalusia with a sunset beach horse riding experience
  • Road trip in a Bentley along the French Riviera
  • Yoga and spa retreat weekend in the Himalayas
  • Tour of the Van Gogh art museum in Amsterdam, as well as a Michelin star tasting session
  • Gastronomic getaway in Croatia
  • Romantic South African getaway in a tree top penthouse

Don’t think of the impending wedding as anything other than the celebration of a union, between two loving people, and choose a gift that shows how much you care.